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Playing at Kalevala Kasino is a fun way to spend time. It happens that sometimes the luck is not on your side. This may turn an entertaining session into a disappointment. If you want to make sure this does not happen, you can set limits to your account.


We offer our players with a variety of ways to limit their account, if you feel like you have used too much time on playing or are about to lose your bankroll management.

Player can choose to set multiple limits to their account:

  • Player can set a limit to a single rounds maximum bet. An attempt to go above this limit will resut into an automatic cancellation of the bet.

  • Player can set a loss limit for a seven (7) days period. Player cannot place any more bets during the period until the 7 days period has ended from the first bet.

  • Player can choose the maximum time they can stay logged in on the site. After this time has passed, the player will be logged out automatically.

  • Player can self-exclude themselves from the account for a set time. Logging in is not possible during this time. In these cases, the funds on the account will be transferred back to the player.

  • All above limits can be set by contacting our customer support.

  • All above limits will be active from the moment we have received your request. If a player wants to lower the limits, this can be done instantly by contacting our customer support. If you want to raise or remove the limits, this can be done after seven (7) days after we have received your request.


It is possible that gambling becomes a problem. To avoid this, we kindly ask you to read the possible symptoms of a gambling problem:

  • Taking big risks to add to the exitement.
  • Raising bets constantly.
  • Playing becomes a chore.
  • Going trough old gambling sessions.
  • Gamling becomes a way to avoid other issues, hopelesness, guilt or depression.
  • Gambling happens at work or during family time.
  • Hiding the fact that you are gambling.
  • Feeling guilt or regret after a session.
  • Loaning or stealing funds to gamble.
  • Failed attempts to stop gambling.

There is help

If you feel like the previous points fit in you, we ask you to seek help.

If you are worried that one of your family member or a close friend is suffering from gambling problem, we kindly ask you to contact our customer support.

You can get more info from these independent organisations:

PeluuriGamCareGambling Therapy


Playing at Kalevala Kasino requires a minimum age of 18. These tools can help you to restrict a minor getting into a gambling site:

NetNannyContent Watch