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You can choose your own welcome bonus. Once you make your first deposit, you will also get a bunch of iron coins.

At Kalevala Kasino you get to choose the amount and wagering of your first three deposits. Do you want more bonus? Or maybe less wagering? You choose!

As an added bonus, you will get iron coins, which you may exchange to free spins or even real money at Kalevala Kasino shop.

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At Kalevala Kasino, depositng is easy, fast and secure. You may even make a deposit straight from your bank account. When you are lucky and win, Kalevala Kasino will process your withdrawals fast and straight to your bank account.

Kalevala Kasino

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Depositing is not the only way to get coins. You will collect iron and gold coins while playing any games. When the coin meter fills up, you can change the coins to free spins or even real money at the Kalevala Kasino shop!

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